Colour your dreams in purple

Proiectul nostru presupune un workshop în cadrul căruia vrem să învățăm lumea să împletească un dreamcatcher, o brățară, să se joace cu diferite jucării de jonglat, să servească un ceai răcoritor alături de prietenii într-un ambient plăcut.

Let my night visitors be tangled in that small web.
By morning I'll pick out each of them, letting the nightmares fly out the window and keeping the sparkling ones in the jar where I keep all my fireflies.

God knows I going to need masses of them.

I'm going to seave out that elusive dream, that one that haunts me but leaves no mark in my memory when I wake.
I'm going to find that smile or those tears, that sunlight or that void and dissect all its mysteries out.
I'm going to learn that language, the one I couldn't hear.
I'm going to draw that face, the one that keeps changing.
I'm going to hunt down that runaway dream.

So let my dreamcatcher hold them tight, I'm going to be needing them.
[And for one lucky dream, it'll be my reality.